This book is my first, and it is the first book in the Blues series. It was born in a time of great stress in my life. I consider it a work of self preservation. Laughter is the best medicine and it was a saving grace. It is said that books are written to help the reader escape or endure. It did both for me. I hope my readers enjoy the journey in Freezer Burn Blues.

Becoming a hit man was not part of twenty-four-year-old Milo Purdie’s plan for the future. But when a stranger calling himself, Julio, offers Milo ten thousand dollars to eliminate gold-digger, Lilah Furfir, the Florida native quits his job and accepts the cash.

Meanwhile, private caregiver, Sonny Delaney just wants to find her soul mate and become a certified yoga instructor. But with a full-time gig caring for elderly multimillionaire, Conrad Furfir, Sonny has little time for her heart’s pursuits. That is until Furfir heads into the light.

When Sonny discovers her patient has expired, she knows Conrad’s worries may be at an end, but hers are just beginning. Not even twenty-four hours earlier, Furfir announced that Sonny and her co-workers were to be included in his will. Now Sonny and her offbeat crew of caregivers must find a way to preserve the body until the will becomes official or forfeit the inheritance.

If freezing their deceased employer isn’t stressful enough, the condition of the body suggests foul play may have led to Conrad’s demise. The two most likely suspects include Conrad’s daughter, Lilah, the product of one of his numerous sexual encounters and Julius, Con’s closeted gay nephew. Julius, alias Julio, however, has taken extreme measures to ensure that he will not have to share the family fortune with his faux Furfir cousin. Unfortunately, his unpredictable hit man comes up with a new agenda, one which does not include eliminating the competition.

If you read Freezer Burn Blues and do not experience at least one humorous moment, I will refund your money less shipping. You must agree to use that money to get psychiatric help for your humor disorder.

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