In applying the philosophy of be the change you want to see in the world to my life, I’m realizing that once you invite it in, this simple motivational force spills into every aspect of living. As a self-published writer, divining where to go with my first three books, and reckoning with a restless muse, being the change has become the inspiration for this website.

I continue to navigate the publishing frontier from writing to book sales, but this web site is where I’m staking my claim. This site represents a vision for marketing that connects the writer directly to the reader. The traditional publishing model is still in a state of adapting itself to the internet and reallocating its marketing dollars accordingly. This would suggest that online book sales are a level playing field for anyone who intends to play.

Either way the burden of promotion is on the individual, which begs the question, why not be the change I want to see in that creative endeavor we call writing? If you’re still reading, it’s because we love underdogs and dark horses. You might also appreciate the irreverent, humorous, off-beat rhythm of life here in southwest Florida, so keep reading and welcome to Mama’s Lucky Mojo.

The new logo and web site design are the collaborative result of ME Parker’s computer and art skills paired with my kindergarten-level rendering. Please feel free to roam around, learn about upcoming events, purchase the blues series, and read chapters from works in progress.

While you’re here, you might be interested in the latest addition to the blues series - Chinese Takeout Blues. It is the story of a corrupt county commissioner, a professional critter gitter and his understudy, and two foreign exchange students in pursuit of their American Dream. Just reading that description should produce some facial reaction, hopefully amusement.

So imagine hours of that level of entertainment for what amounts to the cost of a movie ticket.


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