Third in the Blues series, the saga really gets spicy...

Is it illegal to hire working girls for minimum wage? County Commissioner Buck-minster, Bucky, Buell, doesn’t think so. Providing nearly a dozen young Philippine girls with employment as caregivers and allowing them to do their personal work on the side keeps everyone happy.

Eighteen year old Jay Santos leaves the Philippines to study in the U.S. but when her student visa expires, she is lured into a job caring for an elderly couple in Naples, Florida. Within a week, her pursuit for the American Dream becomes an American nightmare. Two rich senior citizens with the last name Buell and their matching VIP Cheetah motorized chairs may be more than she can take.

Sonny Delaney wants nothing more than to practice yoga and find peace, but when her sisters’ caregiving business begins to lose clients, Sonny is recruited to head up the newly created Caregivers Union.

Milo Purdie meets Malaya Lejune on her spring break and sparks fly. A new lady, a new job as a critter gitter; things couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong. Milo’s pit bull may not even be able to protect him this time.

When Florida Bureau of Investigation agents Winnie and Pell are paired up with agents from the FBI, they are less than enthusiastic.

But duty calls, so the women and their male counterparts head to Naples to locate a missing diplomat’s daughter, none other than Malaya Lejeune.

If you read Chinese Takeout Blues and do not experience at least one humorous moment, I will refund your money less shipping. You must agree to use that money to get psychiatric help for your humor disorder.

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