Second in the Blues series, the saga continues...

Who would suspect four 65-year-old women of running an organized crime ring in one of Florida’s most upscale senior living facilities? After spending their entire lives connected to the Jersey mob, Carmen, the Nose, Bustamante, Smiling Tess Fontana, and their cohorts head south to Highland Terrace with the intention of escaping their pasts and New Jersey’s frigid winters.

But old habits die hard. They call themselves the Bridge Club, and while they might be under Highland Terrace’s radar, the Florida Bureau of Investigation (FLABI) is well aware of their activities. Agents Winnie and Pell arrive in Naples, Florida to investigate how drugs from a truckload of stolen pharmaceuticals ended up in the hands of a Naples’ housewife.

With the housewife in custody, the agents begin to piece together a picture of a highly developed criminal enterprise with links to one of the mob’s oldest names, Bustamante.

The trail leads them to the Stone Crab Flea Market where security specialist, Milo Purdie, has his own investigation underway. Armed with a sense of duty and a can of mace, Milo is determined to expose the after-hours illegal activity in booth number 408. If he can get a date with the booth’s proprietor, so much the better.

When Sonny Delaney learns that her freakishly quirky sister has been injured in a kidnapping plot at Highland Terrace, she volunteers to fill in. For Sonny this means returning to work as a caregiver, an occupation she thought she’d laid to rest.

The client is multi-millionaire-turned hoarder, Dean Phillips. Believing his neighbor is trying to seduce him, Phillips purchases an over-priced bottle of Viagra, insuring he will be up to the task. Sonny informs the authorities, and the illicit drugs turn Phillips into another victim of the Bridge Club.

If you read Bridge Club Blues and do not experience at least one humorous moment, I will refund your money less shipping. You must agree to use that money to get psychiatric help for your humor disorder.

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